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Downtown Jacksonville is on the rise, bringing innovation, artistic vision, and a sense of community to the forefront. A great deal of that comes from the ambition and commitment, turned to execution, of risk takers and local business owners, such as Thea Jeffers. Jeffers, 54, is an entrepreneur that has brought a wide array of talent, uniqueness and creativity to Jacksonville Florida.

Thea Jeffers

Thea Jeffers is the Owner and Founder of T-works Interior Decorating and Breezy Jazz House. Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the mother of four and grandmother of one left Corporate America in 2005 to start her own interior design business. She found the beauty in design at the early age of 12 and set her sights for fashion design school. Jeffers attended the College for Fashion Design and Interior in Long Beach California in 1983. Through her experiences in fashion, from designing wedding dresses, prom dresses and full ensembles, she navigated her way to interior spaces. Jeffers decorated several homes out of the pure desire to create, before opening her business and starting to take on bigger projects.

If you don’t quit, you will win!!



With experience in residential and commercial projects, her services seem endless. T-works Interior Decorating takes clients in need of just a small bathroom reorganization, all the way up to 6 bedroom 8 bath mansion facelifts. Jeffers has mastered the art of functionality, originality, beauty, and comfort to personalize each space into exactly what each client asks for and more. Some services include, interior design and layout, painting, furniture layouts, remodeling, window treatments and upholstery. Jeffers didn’t just stick to residential properties though. Some of her biggest clients to date are commercial properties, such as Starbucks, Arby’s, Fed Ex, and her most loved project, Breezy Jazz Club.

Breezy Jazz Club had its grand opening in June of 2016. Located at 119 W. Adams St. Jacksonville FL 32202, Breezy was in the heart of downtown. Jacksonville has had venues that play jazz or have jazz bands, but its never really had a true Jazz House, until Breezy. Jeffers was exposed to the smooth rhythms and harmonies of jazz as a preteen, at the Riverfront in Philadelphia. Thea Jeffers has been married for 34 years, to husband Bernett Jeffers, with whom she traveled the world experiencing all that jazz music had to offer. The Jeffers Duo went to cities across the US and countries across the globe, to expand their knowledge of jazz sounds, types, and variations to fully appreciate the art form. While in London, Thea decided she wanted to own her own jazz house one day. She was 30 at the time. 20 years in the making, Jeffers opened Breezy Jazz Club, housing some of Jacksonville’s best local talents, and national, award-winning artists.


In 2018, Breezy participated in the Jacksonville Jazz Festival and had the honor of being an official after-party spot for private performances for select headliners. Breezy Jazz Club is a full restaurant and bar, along with a concert hall, hosting some of the best jazz musicians. At Breezy, jazz-lovers can expect regular performances by Lawrence Buckner, Joe Watts, Scott Giddens, Doug Carne, Eric Carter, Mama Blue, Longineu Parsons, and Al Maniscalco. Jeffers and guests had the pleasure of hearing the famous Delfeayo Marsalis this past New Year’s Eve for their big celebration. The growth Thea Jeffers has seen in just two years at Breezy Jazz Club only foreshadows her success to come.

Thea Jeffers has earned a stellar reputation as a woman with integrity, accountability and creativity within her businesses. She has a knack for finding a void in the community and filling it with her talents and passions. Jeffers continues to use her artistry and enterprise to create opportunities here in Jacksonville Florida and we look forward to seeing what she’ll do next.

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Dress Code is enforced

Thursday Live Jazz 6pm-10pm

$10 General Admission

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm - 12pm

$25 General Admission

$35 VIP

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